Essential Sights for a Paris Vacation – חלק 2

Exploring the Pompidou and the D’orsay, the Louvre and Paris’ architecture offers visitors an enriching and comprehensive experience that constitutes a journey through many of the most important stations of human culture.

Musee du Louvre

There is no doubt that the Musee du Louvre is where any art lover should start his tour in Paris. It is no secret that the Musee du Louvre contains some of European art’s greatest treasures but the renovations and the new architecturally stunning entrance give it a modern appeal that was lacking in the past. Some of the most important works of art ever to be created are featured
here, among them Van Gogh’s and Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings. Visiting
the nearby Tuileries gardens before visiting the Louvre and taking some time to
explore the museum’s modern architectural reconstruction is highly recommended.